An Grianán Theatre
An Grianán Theatre is an integral part of the county’s thriving cultural life and a flagship venue in the North West of Ireland. It gives local audiences and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the very best local, national and international arts and entertainment events including drama, comedy, music, dance and much more.

In order to reflect the diversity of their programming we have developed the An Grianán ambassador series with each ambassador featuring on a cover of the quarterly brochure. This approach showcases the inclusive nature of the theatre and the community it serves by placing the audience at the centre of the solution.

An Grianàn Theatre asked us to create ‘A Little Bit Extra’— a publication running quarterly alongside the main brochure which showcases the creative side of An Grianàn Theatre. In contrast to their main brochure the interpretation of An Grianàn is a little more abstract with this publication. ‘A Little Bit Extra’ is very much about the performer or performance thus placing the performer front and centre at the heart of the solution

We were commissioned by An Grianàn Theatre to create occasion specific voucher packs that would add a touch of luxury to their generic voucher receipt. Our solution was inspired by An Grianàn’s award winning logo. We have directly referenced the mark with the outer wallet using a die cut square not only to the create the logo’s form but also to offer a sneak peek or preview into something special. Inside reveals a luxurious greeting card finished with spot metallic ink in a choice of four geometric designs to reflect a variety of occasions.

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